Our plans for 2023!

Hello dear readers!

Now it has been a little more than 1 month since we released the Energywatch to you and we have started planning for the future. We want to share these plans with you so those of you who already have a watch or are considering buying one have something extra to look forward to in 2023!


Our first news is for those of you who are thinking of buying a watch! We now offer FREE SHIPPING within Sweden on orders over SEK 999. Right now, orders are sent within 48 hours of ordering and with Postnord's domestic delivery time of 1-2 working days, it takes 2 - 4 working days to get your own Energywatch!

We have an incredible number of questions about our product, so we have launched a page where you can get answers to the common questions about the Energy Clock! If your question is not there, you can now chat with us on the website or write to us on Facebook and Instagram!


Improvements for our product have not stopped since the launch in November! Here's what we're up to right now!

Per is currently working on designing a watch of his own. This means that everything from the sheet metal frame to the LED ring would be Waltrix produced! If that sounds interesting, keep an eye on our social media for the watch with code word 'Adam'!

Emil and Henrik have not stopped designing the watch's software even though the watch has now been launched! Internally at Waltrix, we currently have functions to display high-tariff times for various electricity companies and to turn off/on power outlets at red/green times. Other functions we want to include in this update is a timer function for the LED lighting and also an easier way for users to change settings, hopefully through an app! We are planning all of this for our 3.0 update, which of course existing customers will also be able to take advantage of.


We are incredibly pleased with what we have achieved in 2022, but we are not done yet. The clock was intended to be a core of a home that automatically lowers the utility bill without manual interaction. In 2023, we plan to introduce our first updates that will give our customers access to a smarter home.

As a thank you for all the support we've received in 2022, we're sharing a discount code! You can use Energiklockan2023 for a 10% discount on the entire purchase! The code is valid until January 8th!

Happy New Year!
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