Frequently asked questions

How does the Energywatch work?

When installing the clock, you connect it to your home network. When the watch has a working internet connection it retrieves information about today's electricity prices from our cloud service. After each hour, the clock updates itself so that you see the electricity price for the current hour and 11 hours ahead.

Why should you use the Energywatch?

Electricity prices can vary greatly during the day and the difference between the cheapest hour and the most expensive is usually about 0.1-0.3€ per kWh. This means you can save 0.1-0.3€ per dishwasher/washing machine if you use them in a green hour instead of a red one. Other examples of savings:
Shower for 10 minutes: Save 1.2€
Fill a bathtub (150 litres): Save 1.8€
Charge an electric car (50 kWh): Save 15€

What do the colors mean?

The watch is divided into 3 colors. The default colors are green, yellow and red, but these can be changed by the user. Green, or cheap hours, are all hours where the price is below the average price for the day. Everything above the average price is divided into two fields, where the cheaper hours become yellow and the more expensive ones become red.

Is today's electricity price compared to historical data?

No. The clock is designed for the fact that most households have to use electricity during the week, even if it is expensive. Clothes have to be washed, dishes have to be washed and you have to shower. We want to provide the opportunity to plan these must-haves for the best hours of the day. However, you as a user have the opportunity to set your own limit for the green price field.

I am color blind, how does the watch work for me?

The clock has settings that can be easily changed via a web page, both when you install the clock for the first time and once it's hanging on the wall. If you have a hard time with our regular colors, we hope you can find some that work for you. Are you unsure? Contact us for help.

I have a fixed contract, why should I have the watch?

In the uncertain electricity price market, you don't know what fixed contracts will look like when you need to sign a new one. After the big electricity price increase at the end of 2021, we saw several electricity companies in Europe and the UK going bankrupt. The electricity companies' fixed contracts will be more expensive and shorter. The watch can't help you save money right now, but it can motivate you to take a flexible contract next time and share in the easy savings!

How much electricity does the watch consume?

Our large clocks consumes 1W at standard brightness, as little as an LED lamp you find in the ceiling! At the highest brightness settings, our large clocks consume up to 4W.