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Energywatch Emil - Ø 24,5 cm

Energywatch Emil - Ø 24,5 cm

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Energywatch Emil is a wall clock that gives you clear and simple indication of the electricity price for the current hour and up to 11 hours ahead. The price is explained through three colors where a low price is indicated by green, a high price by red and prices in between is indicated by yellow.

Energywatch Emil is made out of white plastic and has a simple white dial with black hour- and minutehand and a red secondhand. The clockwork is powered by one AA-battery which isn't included.

The LEDs and calculation circuit is powered by a micro-USB cable.

Choose your electricity area when installing your Energywatch! It supports the following areas:
Sweden - SE1, SE2, SE3 och SE4
Finland - FI

A lot of options!
The clock has many options that can be changed. You can switch any of the colors to the color that you want, you can control the brightness and you can even choose to define what is a low price! Using the option 'own price' will let you set an amount where everything below or equal will be shown as low (green)

Material: Plastic
24,5 cm
Mount: Wall mounted
Clockwork: Ticking sound, powered by 1x1.5V AA battery (not included)
LEDs and computer:
Powered by USB A 5V/2A, 1.8-2 meter white cable included. USB adapter available as an option

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With the accompanying web app, you can change the clock's settings to suit your household.

Color Settings You can set your own colors for High, Medium and Low price. The default settings are:
High - Red
Middle - Yellow
Low - Green

Average price If you select this check box, the watch itself will calculate the average price for the day and tomorrow and display colors accordingly.

Own price If you choose this display option, the average price will be what you decide. Everything below the cut will be green and the above will be divided into yellow and red.

Electricity area It doesn't matter where you are in Sweden, we have information about all electricity areas.

Brightness It is difficult to find a common setting that everyone likes. Set your own strength that suits you.

MQTT / URL API  With an integrated API you can read information every hour and let the watch control your home