March update 2023

Hello dear readers!

What an incredible first quarter we've had at Waltrix! Not only have we been awarded by Södertälje municipality, but we have also managed to release all our planned updates and an entirely new clock! To understand everything that has happened, we have a little video to share with you, look a bit further down on the page. Since we have now launched in Finland and also plan several European countries in the near future, we have started to change our social media to English, as you may have noticed!

It's going to be a very exciting year, and hopefully, we have several big announcements for you already in May! With all that said, we also want to give a big thank you to everyone who has emailed or chatted about their thoughts and opinions. We encourage those of you reading this to reach out with your opinions on what can be improved or what features you miss in the product!


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